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​Top 5 Uses Of A Portable Generator​ in 2023

Last updated September, 2023

​Portable generators are not a necessity but definitely a good thing to have around. You probably got one because of an urgent situation, maybe a storm or the need to power your makeshift campsite. But, have you ever wondered how you can use the same portable generator to fulfill different needs? In fact, I believe every home should have a portable generator. Its uses are limitless.

Power equals life. Without power, one can feel lost, disoriented and downright grumpy. Imagine camping out in the woods with no power, no lights and certainly no cell phones. Now if you had a portable generator with you, you could have light, music, continuous power for your phones and some left behind to charge your camera batteries and more. Portable generators have plenty of uses and if you are trying to figure out why you need one then read on and find out.

Top 5 Uses Of A Portable Generator

​And the ​Top 5 ​Use​s for portable generators are...

#1 Emergency Backup

Having a
whole house generator piggybacked on your home electricity supply is a good idea. With this setup, you never again have to worry about losing power in the middle of the night. In fact, losing power itself will have no effect on the way you live your life inside your home. Today’s portable generators can power refrigerators, television, window air conditioners and much more. It all depends on the wattage of your particular generator.

#2 At The Job Site

Power tools eat up loads of electricity. Unfortunately, a job site may not be well connected to an electricity supply line that can provide enough Amps to operate power tools. In such cases having a
portable generator that can deliver enough power to operate 30Amp or 50Amp tools is a great advantage. Alternatively, generators are also used in sporting events to power electronic signboards and large floodlights.

#3 For Concerts, Events And Outdoor Parties

A large portable generator or
solar power generator can help you organize events, concerts, and parties in the local park or even in your backyard. A concert requires lots of power and sourcing all the power from the supply lines is a dangerous proposition since it may overload the circuits. Instead, having a few portable generators, one powering the musical systems and speakers, another for the lights and a third for pyrotechnics can help save your concert or event from eminent blackouts in the event of overloading or a power surge.

#4 During Natural Emergencies

Hurricanes, tornadoes and even floods, all disrupt the power supply to a city. A portable generator helps large institutions such as hospitals, universities and government agencies to continue operations as usual. It is vital during a natural emergency to have power for a few specific agencies such as banks, hospitals, fire department, police etc. Distribution centers and relief operations during hurricanes often rely on lots of portable generators to keep the workforce engaged and operating at full efficiency. Furthermore, a backup generator at home will keep you and your family cozy through the calamity ensuing outside.

#5 For a Perfect Trip

Whether you go on a camping trip or a road trip in an RV, having a
RV generator lets you take all modern conveniences along with you. Most camping sites allow silent generators to power lights, television, radio, charge batteries and even run small portable freezers. Alternatively, you could go on such trips with any power but that is going to leave you and your companions groping in the dark once your campfire burns out.