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​Planning And Preparedness For Hurricanes​ in 2023

Last updated September, 2023

As Hurricane Harvey approaches the Gulf Coast, snowstorms in the Plain states, as well as higher dangers of thunderstorms and tornadoes in the upper Midwest, the weather this weekend, can get very wild. The truth is that even with smaller storms the damages that are caused are horrendous especially if the storms come with heavy rains, high winds, or tree-snapping snows. This is why it is the right time to stock up on the more important stuff and if you have a whole house generator, ensure that it is well prepared when you need it.

Planning And Preparedness For Hurricanes

​Quality Portable Generators...

Being lucky enough to have a stationary generator that mostly goes on when all lights go out is simply amazing. However; it is always best to check it at these times. Alternatively, a portable generator that has not been used since the last storm might need extra attention in order for it to work perfectly particularly if it is not run dry before you put it away.

Also, you need to know that, the gas that is left inside the tank your
best portable generator can degrade during storage and foul parts of the engine. Not all generators are made the same and as such some can withstand a bit of battering over time in storage while others wither away real quick, so be sure to check out our list of portable generators to find out the best fits for a storm-laden area.

Best methods to get ready

Preparing your
solar generator is the only thing you need to have sorted out in preparing for bad weather conditions. Below are some safety tips to consider.

Make sure you have all your important stuff moved to the top floors especially when there is an anticipation of a flood. This is one important tip that will help save your valuables.

​Also, never try to park your cars under trees when there are other high grounds available.

​Charging your phones will always be a great way to make sure you can still communicate with your loved ones even through such hard times.

​Make sure there is enough gas for your generator to last at least 2 days.

​Make sure you have as many non-perishable food items stocked. This way, you will have some food even as the storms recede.

​Make sure you have a place to go for the time being to prevent any family accidents or death.