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​Northern Valley Towns Stock Up On Portable Gensets​

Last updated September, 2023

​I recently came across this news clipping and felt it necessary to share with my readers. Portable generators are so much more than just backup solutions, they are life savers and this article proves just that.

Northern Valley Towns Stock Up On Portable Gensets

​How Portable Generators can save lives...

Following recent Hurricane Sandy as well as Irene and the devastation they caused, as utility services do their best to bring back power all through the region and the state, the populace realized even the wireless equipment they have come to depend on like cell phones, tablets, laptops, and others were simply failing to offer them the pleasures they needed. Most of these devices had gone out of power and recharging them was a big problem due to the continued blackout. Sgt. Christopher Bozzo who is a Tenafly Police links a whole house generator to an adaptor and this helps to give some power to the traffic light at the avenue intersection of Riveredge-Jefferson.

The region bought 9 of the
best portable generators due to Hurricane Sandy disaster to make sure all traffic lights worked even during times that there was no power. Regional buildings also had no power however they still had to ensure that emergency, as well as other services, went on smoothly. The municipalities turned to use generators to make sure all operations ran smoothly and so that shelters, municipality halls as well as other townhomes became shelters after the storms allowing residents to seek refuge if their home’s had no power.

The James F. McGuire Memorial Senior Citizens Center in Northvale was in complete operation. Sgt. Christopher said that, the generator at the McGuire Center is a major difference maker and added that, after Sandy, he stopped by almost every single evening because he had to power his phone battery as well as find out what was happening on the news through the television and also email even when his own home had no power. In order to enhance the continued survival of the city when there are storms in the future, officials have endeavored over these last 12 months to bring in many devices to the municipality, either by buying them for extra homes or modifying laws to ensure that it is very easy for citizens to buy and fix
solar generators in their homes.

There are so many city officials that have sent in an application for finances to bring more generators to their homes since Sandy, and this has already started making a major difference. “The importance of portable generators will always be seen all over us. This is why we need to protect and also ensure that, these generators are used in the right way”, said Sgt. Christopher.