​Honda EU2000I Review

Last updated June, 2023

Honda EU2000i






The very first thing you are likely to notice about this portable generator is just how little you notice it at all.

The Honda EU2000I is designed and engineered by the legendary research and development team over at Honda, this piece of technology is about as small, about as lightweight, and about as compact a portable generator as you are going to find on the market today.

On top of that, thanks to some pretty slick engineering under the hood, this is also one of the quietest portable generators money can buy. It operates at anywhere between 53 dB and 59 dB, making it almost unbelievably quiet. In fact, that decibel level puts it at a noise level quieter than most normal conversations.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to take advantage of this portable generator when you need help running power when traditional sources want to cut the mustard the fuel efficiency and legendary durability that all Honda products bring to the table is on full display here.

Built-in inverter technology provides clean, stable, and consistent power that isn’t going to fry your electronics, too. You’ll have a tough time finding anything better than this in the portable generator space, that’s for sure.

​About the ​​​​​​Honda EU2000I

  • Portability - 9.6

Whenever you have a portable generator that measures just 12” x 10” x 12” you are talking about an incredibly portable system, but then when you throw in the fact that this generator weighs just 22.8 pounds (before you add any fuel to the system) you’re talking about something really special here.

This is not a generator you’re going to have a tough time maneuvering around the woods, popping up on a job site somewhere, or finding a place to position in your camper or RV. This is a portable generator that almost disappears when you are using it, a generator that isn’t just nearly silent in its operation but is also going to tuck away so that you don’t have to worry about tripping over it or dedicating a lot of real estate to your generator, either.

Plenty of portable generator options exist, but few are as truly portable as this one.

  • Power - 9.0

The heartbeat of this generator is a high-efficiency Honda engine system that can produce 2,000 W and 120 volts with absolutely zero difficulties whatsoever – all while consuming a ridiculously small amount of fuel along the way.

If you’re looking to take advantage of a portable generator such as the Honda EU2000I that can run most household appliances (including TVs, entertainment devices, satellites, refrigerators, coffee pots, and microwaves – just to name a few) then you need to look no further than this Honda option.

The inverter generator that we mentioned above is a proprietary piece of technology created by the folks at Honda to offer much more consistent energy flow from this generator to your devices. This helps to avoid any “hiccups”, any flooding of power and any potential short-circuit that could be caused by low-quality converters pushing raw power – or no power – to all of the devices you are running.

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Honda EU2000i review
  • Noise - 9.3

Of all the different standout features this particular generator brings to the table, none of them are quite as spectacular or as impressive as the ridiculously quiet operation of this generator when it is working at full bore.

Plenty of portable generators out there promise the moon and the stars when it comes to client operation, but none of them are going to deliver on this promise quite the way that this Honda equipment does.

We are talking about a noise level range that sits between 53 dB and 59 dB, the same volume level as if you were holding a normal conversation indoors. You won’t have to worry about shouting over this generator, won’t have to worry about all kinds of white noise building up in the background, and will be able to use this generator while you’re in the woods camping – and can even sleep right next to it without being driven crazy.

  • Efficiency - 9.4

It’s also pretty hard to imagine finding a portable generator that offers this level of fuel efficiency.

Thanks to the Eco-Throttle System (another proprietary piece of technology designed, developed, and engineered by the legendary team at Honda) this particular portable generator offers a much higher degree of fuel efficiency than almost anything else out there.

Depending on the load that you are putting on this generator at any one particular point in time it can run for 3 ½ hours to just over 8 hours on a single tank of fuel. Some reviewers have even reported higher fuel efficiency levels than that (getting close to 9 and even 10 hours of operation out of this generator with very low load levels) so you know that what you’re getting your hands on is quite capable of keeping you up and running with no trouble at all.


  • The included Honda engine is one of the most impressive, capable, and durable engines in the portable generator space.
  • Because the EU2000I is a Honda product it's easy to clean, maintain, repair, and upgrade over time without breaking your bank account.
  • Lightning Bolt
    Intelligently designed Eco-Throttle System guarantees sky high fuel efficiency to keep this generator running for hours and hours on end.
  • Lightning Bolt
    Powerful enough to handle even the most power-hungry appliances, tools, and electronic gizmos and gadgets.
  • Lightning Bolt
    Near silent operation while running at full bore is one of the most impressive features of the portable generator.
  • Lightning Bolt
    Super lightweight construction still takes advantage of durable and high-end materials to provide you with a generator that would last for years to come
  • Extreme performance warranty promises that you are investing your money wisely in a piece of tech Honda backs completely.

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Few Drawbacks

  • Some folks would like to see an even larger fuel tank for improved run time (and extension tank accessories are available).
  • Initial price might scare some people all though it represents great value over the lifecycle of this generator.
  • Lightning Bolt
    Will require regular inspection and maintenance every year or so because of internal combustion components.
Honda EU2000i
Honda EU2000I
At the end of the day, you know exactly what you are getting when you invest in a Honda generator.

Something solid. Something capable. Something that is going to last and last – and last and last! This is a portable generator that you can depend on to get your electronics up and running in no time at all, and to keep those electronics running for as long as you need them to.

When you invest in Honda equipment you’re not just buying the latest and greatest tech (though that comes standard). You’re also buying the reputation of a company that offers easy to maintain, easy to run, and easy to fix/upgrade solutions that will not let you down.

You’re going to love this Honda portable generator, that’s for sure.
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