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​Generator Tips Sheet For Safe Use In Any Weather​ in 2023

Last updated September, 2023

As storm season approaches owning a great portable generator can be one of the best ways to enjoy security, safety and also convenience even when there is a power outage. However; it is necessary that all homeowners stick to cautious safety requirements whenever they use a generator. I got in touch with a few insiders from the industry over coffee learned a few precautions that they take in their homes with portable generators. And one of the major reasons why they all keep portable generators was to ensure the security systems, alarms are always active. This was something that we had never before thought of before.

​A Few Tips...

There are so many benefits that a solar portable generator brings. Apart from the electrical supplementation benefit it brings, it is also a way to maintain security devices that are hard-wired especially during storms, national emergencies and such. Even with the many benefits they bring, portable generators need to be handled very well to protect all users against any disastrous or deadly results.

At, we take a close look at any portable generator design currently in the market, reviewing them up close and listing out its features, benefits, and flaws. In our many attempts at providing useful information to our readers, we also came across a few alarming security concerns mostly because of user neglect.

Here are a few tips to consider.

Make sure generators are never used or operated inside the home or indoors. There is the danger of carbon monoxide and deadly chemicals that a generator emits. This is why they should never be operated indoors. Usually, folks store their generators in the garage, which isn’t a good idea ever.

Make sure a
whole house generator is operated on a part of the land that is dry and also leveled in order to prevent electrocution. Moreover, make sure you cover the generator with a tent or even a canopy if it will be used in a wet environment, in order to protect from exposure to water.

​Always make sure you have installed the best home security devices such as carbon monoxide monitors in your house if you use generators.

​Never plug generators into a wall outlet. When this is done, there is the risk for a scenario known as back-feeding and this scenario easily leads to electrocution.

​In using extension cords for your device, make sure they are healthy cords that are not damaged or faulty in any way to prevent accidents.