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​​​Generac ​​5943 GP7500E Review

Last updated September, 2023



Generac ​​5943 GP7500E Review





​Mighty and powerful, the Generac 5943 GP7500E is the Roger Federer of portable generators. It will not rest nor will it whine when you push it beyond the call of duty. Made from superior grade materials, designed to perfection with steel fuel tanks and wheel kit with locking foldable handles, the portable generator can deliver a maximum of 9375 watts with 7500 watts in continuous operations. It is easy to manage and maintain with a clearly displayed control panel, hour meter and maintenance resets.

The Generac 5943 GP 7500E ships with a plug-in battery charger, oil funnel, engine oil and instruction sheets.

​About the ​​​Generac 5943 GP7500E

​The Generac 5943 GP7500E is made to deliver uninterrupted steady power supply to a large household. When I saw the beast, having paid a good amount of money, I was initially displeased as its size felt a little lacking for the power it promised to deliver. However, after setting it in place and getting it booted up for the first time, which was astonishingly easy, I was completely mesmerized by its power output. My voltmeter revealed that it was operating at a precise 119 volt, which is just perfect for my needs. I now power my entire house with it starting from the garage doors, water heaters, living room window air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave and so much more. All I had to do was directly connect the genset to the breaker panel of my house and every time the power goes out, I simply switch the generator on and then the power to my house.

After having operated it for over 10 hours continuously the first time around, the fuel tank finally started to go dry. It’s around this time that the power began fluctuating and so I did not take any risks and shut it down immediately for a refill. The tank hard hardly half a gallon left when this happened so you won’t have to worry about running out of gas with the Generac 5943 GP7500E as its designed to suck the last drop of gas out of its steel fuel tank.

I did find the Generac 5943 GP7500E to be a tad bit heavier than other similarly powered generators. In fact, to get it into the garden shed behind my house, I had to call a couple of neighbors. Plus, the noise this beast makes is kind of appalling. You simply cannot stand close to the generator for more than 5 minutes and not come out deaf. At least, it delivers an equally alarming amount of power.

Generac 5943 GP7500E


  • ​7500 Watt continuous power, silent operation, highly fuel efficient with the ability to run on vapors, dependable design, compatible with power transfer switches for domestic usage. High fuel efficiency, 7,500 watt running, silent, rugged design.


  • ​Slightly overpriced considering its power output, tends to run very hot. Hot operation, overpriced and expensive spare parts.


  • ​Large transport wheels, foldable locking handles.
  • ​9375 watt/7500 watt surge and continuous power output respectively.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​Features an hour meter, clearly displayed control panel with maintenance resets.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​Fuel gauge for the steel fuel tank.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​Non-CARB compliant.


Running watts 7,500
Starting watts 9,375
Engine HP/cc 14HP/420cc
Starting method Electric – Press of a Button
Low oil shutdown YES
Fuel tank size (gallons) 8 Gallons (Metal)
Run time at 50% Load 12 Hours
Outlets (4) 5-20R 120V, (1) L14-30R Twist-Lock 120/240V
Handle style Folding and Locking
Wheel type 9.5″ Solid Wheels
Warranty 2 Years
Generac ​​5943 GP7500E Review
Generac 5943 GP7500E Review
7,500 Watt power output is usually enough to power an entire house, barring the central air conditioning system. The Generac 5943 GP7500E provides 7,500 continuous power, uses the last drop of fuel in its tank and delivers long uninterrupted power for hours at a stretch without heating up. It is a portable generator meant for serious consumers.
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