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​Why Every Home Should have a Portable Generator ​in 2023

Last updated September, 2023

​You never know when there is going to be the next power outage, hence it makes sense for every home to have a portable generator. In case you are too concerned about polluting your neighborhood with the exhaust from gas generators, you could think of owning a gas based generator which is eco-friendly, smooth and within tolerable noise levels. Having a generator handy during short-term blackouts makes a whale of a difference to your comfort levels, and also offers a degree of safety.

Why Every Home Should have a Portable Generator

​Here are a few reaso​ns...

Handy for powering small appliances.

Today most homes are used to certain basic comforts offered by appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, fans and pumps that keep the central heating up and running. You can on few lights and make sure that you do not miss your prime time favorite on TV, and also have your PC on. Little do we realize that how dependent we are on such gadgets that have become a part of our daily life. Having a
whole house generator helps keep things going during brief power outages and any other emergencies, such as thunderstorms or hurricanes that can throw your daily routines out of gear.

Choosing the correct backup generator.

It makes sense to look around a bit before investing money and finding the
best portable generator on the market. Ask yourself a few questions like whether the generator needs to serve as an occasional backup, or would you need to use it for longer periods of time. If power outages are regular affairs in your neighborhood (not very likely though) you should think of whole-house generators that are quite larger and cost a lot more. Moreover, these are gas guzzlers that can leave you with a very large fuel bill. You may also want to hire the services of a qualified electrician to ensure that the generator is hard-wired to the electrical system in your home, and if it is a whole-time generator that you choose, it can be set up to automatically switch on during power outages.

Check the power loads.

You need to first determine the power loads you propose to run with the generator before making your decision. In case the back-up
solar generator is required for short periods of time just for the lights, refrigerator and PC in your home, a lightweight, portable generator should suffice. However, you may not be able to power your heaters, stoves (electric) and air conditioners with such a small generator. The advantage with portable generators is that they are easy to use and maintain, and run almost noiselessly and become part of the household fixtures.