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​DuroMax XP10000EH Review

Last updated September, 2023



DuroMax XP10000EH review





​ When you find yourself without electricity, and you have no idea when the power is going to come back on, a good generator is going to be one of your very best friends. You need something that is going to be easy to transport, but you also want something that is going to pack a great deal of power. You also want something that is going to be fairly easy to use. On all of those fronts, we think you are going to want to pay attention to the DuroMax XP1000EH.

In the first place, DuroMax is a reliable brand name. They have built a strong reputation through the years for generators that offer power, portability, and all of the essential features. This specific generator is a great summary of all of those elements. This hybrid duel-fuel portable generator has a number of impressive elements that you will want to learn more about. This is the kind of generator you are going to want during an emergency.

​About the ​​​​​​DuroMax XP10000EH


In terms of the
best portable generators, it is worth noting that this is one of largest portable generators on the market. This can make one a little suspicious of the product’s portability, but we think you are going to be pretty pleased with just how easy it is to transport this product from one location to another. Still, this is a generator that can weigh more than 300 pounds with the fuel. It helps a great deal that this machine comes with a wheel kit, so moving it around shouldn’t be difficult.


The 18hp OHV 4 stroke air-cooled engines that come with these generators translates to something that is quite powerful. Furthermore, since you can use both gasoline and liquid propane with this generator, it is worth mentioning that regardless of what you decide to use, you are still going to get the same degree of power. You can get the maximum amount of power from each one of the 120-watt receptacles. Two circuits with 39000 watts apiece are also featured. This is a heavy generator, but it is also a powerful one.


At the end of the day, in a serious emergency, noise isn’t going to be your primary concern. However, in most cases, it remains an important consideration. This generator produces just 72db at twenty-one feet. Considering the immense size of this particular generator, that is rather quiet. This also keeps in mind the impressive degree of power behind this machine. When it is idle, it runs at about 45db, which is just about as quiet as it gets with a portable generator. This is yet another area in which the
DuroMax XP1000EH.

DuroMax XP10000EH


When it comes to efficiency, you are going to be pleased with this
DuroMax generator. The fact that this generator can work with both liquid propane and gasoline is something that strikes us as quite efficient. As we mentioned before, DuroMax has a great reputation for building generators that offer power and efficiency in a single package. You will find that both of those things are nicely represented here. This generator is noted for not being a fuel hog and is easy enough to use that you should be up and running in no time.


You should always consider durability when you are shopping for something like a generator. With DuroMax, you can count on a generator that is going to last for years to come. With simple care and maintenance, you will be able to rely on this product for whatever bad weather might come your way. The portability of the XP1000EH is important. When you combine it with the phenomenal durability this generator offers, you have something that is pretty close to perfect. No matter what, this generator is going to be reliable.

​Warranty and Support

Another area in which DuroMax succeeds: They offer strong warranties and comprehensive support for their products. The XP1000EH comes with a thirty-day warranty that can be extended towards the generator itself. There is also a one-year limited warranty for any parts that become defective. Just keep in mind that while the limited warranty covers a great deal, you are still going to be on the hook for transportation costs. Taken as a whole, the warranty for this generator should give you a strong peace of mind.


  • ​Operates on regular fuel or liquid propane, an easy option in the course of emergencies anytime the fuel is rare.
  • ​Strong 18 HP motor is capable of taking high-wattage loads with ease.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​The generator has countless uses, from home standby energy and job sites to a weekend with the RV.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​Enables users to get optimum energy from each of the 120-Volt receptacles and to decide amongst functioning at each 120-Volt and 240-Volt concurrently or at 120 only with full power.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​Equipped with reduced oil protection, AC and DC regulators and a spark arrestor, guaranteeing your machine will continue to be safe and in top functioning condition.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​Developed to make it possible for anyone to start and operate with electric and recoil start.


Running watts 8,000
Starting watts 10,000
Engine HP/cc 10 HP
Starting method Electric/manual
Low oil shutdown YES
Fuel tank size (gallons) 8.3 (steel)
Run time at 50% Load 12 Hours
Outlets 120v/240v
Handle style
Wheel type
Warranty 1-year, limited
DuroMax XP10000EH review
DuroMax XP10000EH
This is a great generator that can suit a wide range of individuals and needs. This is a powerful generator, and while it is not the most lightweight model available, it is still a pretty solid portable model. If you need to transport it from one location to the next, you will find this easy enough to carry out. The fact that this generator utilizes both liquid propane and gasoline is worth revisiting. When you are preparing for an emergency, you want to be prepared. With a generator that can work with two types of fuel, you certainly will be.
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