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​​​Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review

Last updated September, 2023



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​Compact in size, the Champion Power Equipment 46539 is an ideal portable generator for your RV or campsite. Complete with a remote control and battery operated starter, you can start this generator remotely from within the house.

It provides a peak output of 4000 watts and a continuous wattage of 3500 watts. This is sufficient power to run a sump pump, refrigerator, TV, and a few lights and also to power 2 to 3 power tools. It uses a 196cc OHV engine protected in a cast iron sleeve that can operate at 50 percent load for up to 12 hours.

This portable design uses 8-inch wheels and provides three basic outlets in the form of 120V Duplex, 120V TwistLock, and RV Receptacle. This generator provides a low oil sensor, overload protection, and volt, hertz, operating hour information. It comes with a 2-year consumer warranty.

​About the ​​​​Champion Power Equipment 46539

I got the Champion Power Equipment 46539 right around our annual road trip weekend and so it was a perfect chance to try this baby out on the road. First off, we don’t own an RV so probably can’t say much as to how well this generator performs with an RV scenario. However, we did operate a few things on it at around 50 percent load for several hours over a period of 8 days without suffering through major problems.

To start with, the handle, front feet, and wheels are packaged separately so you have to install those on the generator. Thankfully, directions are simple to follow and installation shouldn’t take long. You also get a 10W-30 oil can free and a funnel, so everything is thought out by the manufacturers for first time usage. Once I filled up the tank, added the oil and checked everything, I started it with the remote switch and it fired almost immediately. This leads me to believe that this generator is perfectly timed, well made and designed for ease of use. Now my first observation was that it maintained a steady 120 Volt but there are no 240-volt receptacles, so that was a bummer for me. On the first day, right before our road trip, we powered up our refrigerator and a few lights for well over 10 hours on a full tank, so yeah its fuel efficient as well.

On our road trip, a few things came to light. To start with the 120 Volt regular outlets don’t provide 3500 Watts rather its around 2900 watts. To get the maximum output you have to use the RV or 30 Amp left most receptacles. As far as noise levels go, it is silent for its size. You obviously can’t stand right next to the generator but a few feet away and it sounds alright. Coming to the portability, the wheels and handle work fine although dragging it along is a bit of a pain as you can’t take long steps.

Champion Power Equipment 46539

​The standout feature for me was the remote start. This remote control lets you start the generator from distance and does everything on its own. It will provide time for the engine to stabilize before switching power and it beats going outside in the dark or cold fumbling with cords and switches any day. As for nagging issues, the only thing I can think of is that the gas tank is hard to fill up as the opening is too small. Try filling it too fast and you will inevitably spill some on the floor.


  • ​Affordable ergonomic noiseless design uses battery powered remote starter, high efficiency, dependable performance and decent output. ​Efficient and low noise levels.


  • ​Portability is an issue, fuel tank could have been designed better, lacks 240 volt receptacles. Fuel tank is hard to fill.


  • ​CARB Compliant
  • ​1 x 120Volt L5-30R, 1 x TT-30R, z x 120Volt 5-20R outlets.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​196cc OHV engine with maximum rated output of 4000 Watt and running wattage of 3500 watt.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​Operates at 12 hours on 50 percent load with a full 3.8 gallon gas tank.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​Battery powered electric remote controlled start.


Running watts 3,500
Starting watts 4,000
Engine HP/cc 196cc OHV Engine
Starting method Remote Electric Start
Low oil shutdown YES
Fuel tank size (gallons) 3.8 Gallon
Run time at 50% Load 12 Hours
Outlets 1 x 120Volt L5-30R, 1 x TT-30R, z x 120Volt 5-20R AC
Handle style Front Bar
Wheel type 8″ Solid No-flat wheels
Warranty 2 Years
Champion Power Equipment 46539 3500 Review
Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review
Totally dependable, the Champion Power Equipment 46539 is a wireless portable generator that is affordable and technologically advanced. It maintains a steady 120 Volt output and provides 3 different receptacles for powering large household items and an entire RV. This is a generator that will satisfy even the most finicky of consumers.
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