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​Champion portable generators are known to be affordable and dependable. Established in 2003, this relatively new entrant operates from the American shores but has its production units established in Zhejiang district of China. This is the only reason why they are able to produce reliable portable generators at half the cost of Generac and others. Often accused in the industry as imitators of successful technology and innovations, Champion Power Equipment lets its generators speak for themselves. At half the price they offer the same performance and cost-effectiveness as others albeit at the cost of longevity.

Why Buy a Champion Generator?

​​Champion portable generators may be young in the industry and they definitely aren’t the most reliable of the lot but where these generators trump every other brand and make is in terms of total cost. The cost of acquisition, ownership, and maintenance together is just a fraction of what it takes to own and operate a Generac or Briggs & Stratton portable generator. Choose this brand if you are after a short 2 to 3-year investment and dependable performance.

5 Top Rated Champion Generators of 2023

Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Dual fuel source capabilities keep you up and running. Electric starts guarantees a turnover, even in cold weather. Smart energy tech works to improve efficiency.
Cons : Pretty pricey compared to some options. May be overkill in the feature department for most.
Bottom Line : If you want to get your hands on a top of the line generator you can depend on all the time, this is it.
Overall Score:
​Portability - 9.0
Power - 9.8
​Noise - 8.5
​Efficiency - 9.4
Pros : Advance inverter improves noise pollution and reduces weight. Economy mode conserves fuel without dropping your power output too much. Offers parallel ready components to run anything you can imagine.
Cons : Big, blocky, and awkward to move around. Some quality control issues.
Bottom Line : Another tough and top of the line generator from Champion, this doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you might look for but it gets the job done.
Overall Score:
​Portability - 9.0
​​Power - 8.8
​Noise - 9.0
​Efficiency - 8.7
Pros : Clean and safe operation are paramount here. Smart design runs for up to 12 hours on a single tank of gas. Plenty of outlets for power flexibility.
Cons : Not quite as powerful as some of the other Champion options. Limited in it’s ability during high power demand operations.
Bottom Line : Somewhat prone to surges when really under a load, this is still a great generator to count on when the lights go out.
Overall Score:
Portability - 8.4
​​Power - 8.1
​Noise - 7.9
​Efficiency - 9.1
Pros : Dual fuel configuration gives you flexibility when using this generator. 9 hour runtime on a single tank of fuel (either source). One-touch start for effortless operation. 3 year warranty for protection.
Cons : Pretty loud, but louder when running on gasoline. Heavier than it looks and more awkward to move than expected. Tires are so-so.
Bottom Line : Not a bad buy if you’re looking for an emergency generator or something to run on your jobsite. Handles touch task with no issue, even though it’s a little loud.
Overall Score:
​Portability - 8.6
​​Power - 8.4
​Noise - 8.2
​Efficiency - 8.1
Pros : Smart, portable inverter designed for more casual or emergency use. Uses a dual fuel system to keep you up and running. Electric start fires right up the first time. Super quiet operation compared to other comparable units.
Cons : Won’t handle extreme power demands well. Gets hot in a hurry. Chews through fuel faster than you might expect.
Bottom Line : If you don’t want to splash a lot of cash but still want a quality Champion backup generator, this is the kind of setup you’ll want to get your hands on.
Overall Score:
​Portability - 9.6
​​Power - 7.9
​Noise - 8.9
​Efficiency - 8.0

Features of Champion Generators

  • ​Four distinct lines starting from 7500 Watt heavy duty portables to 2000 Watt ultra-light portables.
  • ​Stringent testing and pre-delivery checking policies.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​24/7 customer support with email, phone and chat options.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​The bright yellow finish on all Champion products.
  • Lightning Bolt
    ​High fuel efficiency and cheap spare parts.

The 5 Best Rated Champion Portable Generators on Amazon

Some of the markets Top Rated Champion Portable Generators of 2023

Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review
Revved up, powerful and efficient, the Champion 46539 is a portable generator that is both cheap and effective. With a 196cc engine pumping out a steady 3500 watt and capable of handling 4000 starting watts, it is sufficient to power up any house or RV on the go. Great as a standby generator, storm insurance or a campsite power solution this portable solution to all your power needs will stand beside you through thick and thin.
Top Rated Champion Generators on The Market
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