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​Buying a Used Portable Generator​ in 2023

Last updated September, 2023

Blackouts have become a habitual recurrence nowadays. Not only do they step in, unwelcomed to our homes during natural disasters but also at frequent intervals seemingly deriving immense delight in alarming us by thumping at our doors at the least anticipated and erratic time. But how long can you just satiate your soul by just cursing the darkness? Be it while your camping, your backyard or office, having a portable generator is always a good idea.

If it is primarily as a backup solution and you don’t suffer from a frequent power outage, a used generator will suffice. They are more cost-effective and perform as a good stopgap device. But before going on a shopping spree for the ideal second hand portable generator, consider the following buying advice.

buying a used portable generator

​Our Used Portable Generator Buying Tips...

​Working Condition

Since these generators have already been handled before, the major question is how well do they work? Instead of getting lured by highly discounted rates and then later repenting your folly as you realize that the generator has its own baggage of defects, which needs thorough repairing, it is best that you do not invest into just any used
portable generator. Look at the overall state of the generator. Ask the owner to start it up, load it and show that it can handle a good 30 minutes of battering. Also, ensure that your generator has been duly insured and has an adequate period of warranty left. If you truly wish to go cheap then you can get decent working generators outside the warranty period, but this is a choice to be taken with caution.


Clothes make a man, and so does the model make a product. While investing on the ideal second hand generator, it is essential that you examine its model. In the near future when you will inevitably search for spare parts, knowing that the model is still supported for by the manufacturer will help you fix small to major problems. Otherwise, you will spend time and money trying to repair an aging generator whose spare parts are no longer available.

Test Run

Many sellers tend to promise a lot in their advertisements. Perfect, working condition, seldom used, well maintained are a few of the qualifying words they use. It is your duty to demand a test run and discern whether the portable generator, 
whole house generator, or inverter generator is indeed in a well-maintained state. Do not purchase a generator without testing it first.


The warranty of the
generator should be given at the time of sale even if it is a used one. If you buy a generator that is within the warranty period it is important that you have the papers to avail any services or repairs on it. Just saying that it is under warranty isn’t enough, demand these papers from the seller before you make a full payout.

Accessories And User Manual

Quite often people purchase electronic and electrical items without caring for its accompanying accessories. Ask for the accessories and user manual. The manual will provide a profound insight into the model of the generator, how to use it and what should be done in case of a breakdown. The instructions should clearly state the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the effective usage of the device helping you ensure a bit more out of the used generator until you are ready for a fresh investment.


And finally, do not hesitate to negotiate on the price. You do not want to be paying a high price for a used Genny. Check with more than one store before you actually buy one. Comparing prices will help you make the best buy.