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​​Best ​​Portable Solar Genera​tors of 2019

Updated for January, 2019

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​Best 5 ​Solar Powered Portable Generators of 2019


Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : 1425 wh Lithium Ion battery lasts and lasts. Can power 10 or more devices at once. Inverter handles all of your charging and discharging issues. Wifi connectivity allows for effortless control.
Cons : Big time price tag. Large format and heavy battery.
Bottom Line : The industry leader when you want power on demand no matter what, it doesn’t get any better than this option from Goal Zero.
Overall Score:
​Portability - 8.7
Power - 9.8
​Noise - 9.0
​Efficiency - 10
Pros : Combo monocrystalline solar cells soak up the sun and generate power fast. LION battery tech included, with 16Ah pack. 80% efficiency inverter keeps things running smooth.
Cons : A little bit on the expensive side of things with limited options and features.
Bottom Line : Not quite as feature rich as the Yeti, this is a great solar system for those that want dependable and reliable power wherever they might find themselves off grid.
Overall Score:
​Portability - 10
​​Power - 7.9
​Noise - 9.6
​Efficiency - 8.5
Pros : Three different ways to charge the power bank keeps you juiced up. 300w continuous and 600w peak power for all of your electricity needs. LCD screen readout and controls simplify things a lot.
Cons : Will set you back a pretty penny. Not the most robust power bank system. Could use a little trimming when it comes to weight.
Bottom Line : Quality across the board and easy enough for anyone to use, this is a sold solar system.
Overall Score:
Portability - 7.3
​​Power - 8.6
​Noise - 8.8
​Efficiency - 9.4
Pros : Innovative design spreads solar cells out and makes them more functional. AC wall adapter will power the batteries in 6 hours. Full generator capabilities when off grid. Multi-device capabilities without surge power peaking.
Cons : Solar panels need to be purchases separately. Some quality control issues. Longevity hasn’t been tested yet.
Bottom Line : One of the most innovative products in the space, the excitement over the Jackery is well warranted.
Overall Score:
​Portability - 8.2
​​Power - 8.1
​Noise - 9.4
​Efficiency - 8.3
Pros : 400w LION power plant from Yeti. Portable and efficient. Pairs well with other Yeti power systems. Solar cells made out of tempered glass to provide extra strength and durability.
Cons : Not the biggest power bank on the market. Won’t power all of your devices at once. Works best when coupled with another solar setup, but will work standalone.
Bottom Line : Goal Zero always makes quality solar power products, and this is no exception. It’s just not quite as remarkable as some of the other, larger, and more robust options from the company that has built it’s name on innovation.
Overall Score:
​Portability - 7.8
​​Power - 8.7
​Noise - 8.9
​Efficiency - 9.4
The Best Solar Portable Generators on The Market
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