Westinghouse Generator Reviews

Blue, and the letter W defines Westinghouse generators. This brand is a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Company, who in turn are a premier power and electricity management firm dealing with anything and everything related to power generation. They even have nuclear power generation solutions! Best of all its heritage dates back to the late 1800s. Naturally, you can trust a Westinghouse portable generator to serve you well.

Why Buy a Westinghouse Generator?

When a company has survived and thrived in a highly competitive environment for over 150 years, how can you not trust them? Westinghouse generators are user friendly, reliable and definitely made to last a lifetime. They cost just as much as any of the top leading brands but have a reputation that other brands can never match up to. Not always the innovator but definitely a good solid brand name to go with, Westinghouse is a safe bet.

Features Of Westinghouse Portable Generators

  • 150 plus years of experience in power generation gives Westinghouse an impeccable reputation.
  • Dedicated single lineup of portable generators that deliver progressively more power and better technology.
  • Designed keeping ergonomics in mind.
  • Engines R&D, manufacturing done in North America.
  • Good and reliable customer service.

Top Westinghouse Generator Reviews:

Westinghouse WH7500E Review

7500 Watt/9000 Watt continuous and peak wattage, over 13 hours runtime on 6.6 gallons, plenty of sockets and 3 years warranty, need we say more? The Westinghouse WH7500E is a laborer who charges peanuts in exchange for building the Empire State Building. This is indeed my favorite portable generator out of the lot. Even the Japs can’t top it if they tried to.

Portable Generator Reviews
Portable Generator Reviews
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