Powermate Generator Reviews

First and foremost, PowerMate isn’t a company in itself. Powermate is actually a large lineup of domestic power products that is licensed under the copyright of Pramac, registered in Long Groove, Illinois. Pramac, the parent company is in fact an European brand that has its head quarters in Italy and deals in more than just portable generators. A long history of interaction with the largest industries of the world has allowed Pramac to develop its exclusive Powermate line of products to match industry standards and surpass them. Powermate portable generators are top quality and totally worth the investment.

Why Buy a Powermate Generator?

It is quite simple really! Powermate sources components from the top manufactures in the world, with a few components made by Honda, some by Yamaha and so on. When you know that the best engine makers, generator designers have put their head into creating a Powermate, it stands to reason, this product will be a life-timer. Since, it sources parts from various manufacturers, finding replacement components and spare parts after 5 years won’t be an issue as Honda, Yamaha and others tend to provide support for designs two decades old.

Powermate Portable Generators Features:

  • Three lines of similar looking portable generators differentiated by their usability.
  • Easy to spot radical design in bright red for all PowerMate portable generators.
  • Exclusively made for North American customers with a few CARB compliant models.
  • Available in both manual and electric starter variants.
  • Uses top quality parts from companies such as Honda, Yamaha, Mitsubishi and Subaru.

Our Powermate Generator Reviews:

Powermate PM0497008 Review

2 year warranty, 7,000 running wattage, 8 gallon gas tank with 12 hours output at 50 percent load is what you get with the powermate PM0497008. This portable generator is a reliable and trustworthy companion through storm, winters and summers, on the road, as a backup generator and even as a workshop power source. It is an all-in-one solution for your power needs.

Portable Generator Reviews
Portable Generator Reviews
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