Generac 5939 GP5500 Review

generac 5939 GP5500

Totally reliable, the Generac 5939 GP5500 is a gas powered portable generator that offers up an impressive 5,500 watt power on a continuous basis with the ability to support 6,875 watts at most. It uses an OHV engine protected in a steel tube sturdy cradle mounted on two large pneumatic wheels that never go flat. The outlets are protected with circuit breakers to prevent overloads while the muffler is designed to reduce noise levels. This well thought out ergonomically designed portable generated is adept at running 24 hours in rugged working conditions without dropping its efficiency or damaging the environment too much. The foldable ergonomically designed handles make storage and transport easy.

Powerful and dependable performance from the OHV engines, ergonomic portable design with easy start-up and storage.

A tad bit noisy for its size and capacity, not the best Generac support team and a low warranty cover for the price.


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Our Review:

Usually I prefer Generac and other such well known brands of portable generators simply because of the engine they use. The Generac GP5500 for instance uses a powerful 389cc OHV engine that generates a good 6,875 peak wattage with a continuous rating of 5,500 watt. It delivers the power in both 120 and 240 volts with a constant frequency of 60 Hertz. This particular engine is tested to last over 10 hours at 50 percent load with a full gas tank. The steel tank in turn holds a total of 7.2 gallon, which speaks highly of its efficiency.

The very first time I pulled the starter cord, the engine fired up smoothly and never felt like dying down. The recoil handle is easy to yank and needs a few mock pulls before the resistance gets sufficiently strong enough to jerk the engine into life. The reason why this is easy to start is because of its electric start feature. As for the noise, it is a tad bit higher than normal although the company description suggests a new low-tone muffler design that ought to reduce ambient disturbances to a minimum. Honestly, I did not find the new muffler design to help that much. Thankfully, it is easily portable with 9.5 inch never flat solid wheels and a foldable handle design.

Thanks to a plethora of outlets designed specifically for 120 or 240 Volt operation you can take it along on camping trips, use it as a backup generator for your home or at a work site. The construction is durable and designed to handle heavy loads, so reliability should not be an issue. And as far as efficiency goes, you can monitor fuel levels with the fuel gauge. Moreover, at 50 percent load and a full gas tank it lasts 10 hours so estimating the right time to stop the generator and add fuel was easy. My only qualm with the Generac 5939 GP5500 is that it is a two year limited warranty covered appliance only by name, in reality the company offers a good one year warranty backing. Add to that Generac’s tendency to respond late to your queries and requests for servicing and maintenance, you may well have to at times fix it up yourself.

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  • 6875 watt and 5,500 watt peak and continuous wattage.
  • 389cc OHV engine with 7.2 gallon steel gas tank.
  • Foldable handle design with never-flat solid wheels and locking system.
  • Runs for 10 hours at half load and full gas tank.

The Conclusion:
I wouldn’t say that the Generac 5939 GP5500 is a must buy generator but if you are searching for a midsized portable unit that is reliable, efficient and capable of handling the occasional high loads then this is a good choice. Yes, it is a bit noisy and tends to have a poor warranty cover, but Generac products usually last long and are durable by design.

Running watts 5,500
Starting watts 6.875
Engine HP/cc 14HP/389cc
Starting method Electric Start
Low oil shutdown NO
Fuel tank size (gallons) 7.2 Gallons (Metal)
Run time at 50% Load 10 Hours
Outlets (4) 5-20R 120V, (1) L14-30R Twist-Lock 120/240V
Handle style Folding and Locking
Wheel type 9.5″ Solid Wheels
Warranty 2 Years

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  1. Ralph Indigo says:

    I have a 2400 watt Generac Generator that has given me over 15 years if reliable service. However, I feel I need a bit more power and also need a model with a bigger gas tank. I do not know what the capacity of my current tank is, but it looks like what you would find on a lawn mower, and it is only good for about 2 hours of run time. This can be a real hassle during long power outages.
    I spent a great deal of time researching the GP5500, as this looks like the perfect generator for my needs. After reading many owner reviews, however, it seems this model has a serious problem with the float valve in the carboreter. .Many owners have reported that their unit started leaking fuel all over the place after only a few months of use. Furthermore, when contacting the manufacturer, they say this is a fuel problem and not a problem with the generator and they do not honor the warranty, even though it is apparent that it is a manufacturing defect. I think I will look into other brands of generators.

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