DuroStar DS4000S Review

Durostar DS4000S
7 Horsepower air cooled engine that spits out 3,300 Watt power with a peak of 4,000 Watt, the DuroStar DS4000S is great for home back up, job sites, RVs and sporting events. It will run most of your home conveniences for you and help overcome power outage whether you are sitting at your home or camping out in the woods. It features a power panel with a volt meter, circuit breaker and a start switch. This generator offers one 120 volt, 30 Amp outlet and two 120 Volt 20 amp outlet for high power tools and home appliances respectively. Designed to operate continuously on half load for over 8 hours and use just 4 gallons of gas in the process, the DuroStar DS4000S is versatile and handy at odd jobs. Constructed out of a durable steel frame with isolated motor mounts, the unit hardly makes any sound and muffles the exhaust sufficiently to keep inside the garage. It is backed by 1 year limited warranty and boasts of a few safety features such as auto low oil shut down and power surge protection.

Inexpensive and dependable construction, decent power output with good performance, easy to start and operate, cheap spare parts too, compact and low noise.
Needs frequent oil change, no amp or watt meter, inadequate hardware and grounding accessories.

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Our Review:

Personally I do not find Chinese imports all that bad. After all, they are cheap and well built to last at least a year. The DuroStar DS4000S is one such Chinese product that once again managed to trump many existing American built generators. Its quite inexpensive to own, maintain and operate. In fact, with 4 gallon full tank, it managed to run my refrigerator, air conditioner, TV and two light bulbs continuously for about 10 hours before sputtering out of life. Operating this generator is rather simple with a start switch and pull recoil cord to get it running. As long as you drain the oil and fuel after use and refuel it before using it again, it should continue to operate as designed.

A heavy steel frame with isolated motor mounts does actually reduce the noise levels produced by this generator. In fact, the DuroStar DS4000S has to be the most silent of all generators I have tried out till date. Its like you are operating a lawn mower within the garage with a silencer on it. However, the generator needs 20 hour periodic oil change but draining the oil is kind of hard since the drain spout is located beneath the frame. This makes a mess each time I drain oil. Also, request for extra packaging when you order this generator online as its manufacturer’s packaging lacks proper foam protection. I received my DuroStar DS4000S slightly dented in the frame.

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Some Features:

  • 4 gallon capacity with 8 hour long run time.
  • 3300 Watt under continuous half load operation and 4000 Watt peak performance.
  • Easy to use recoil pull starter with start switch and display hub.
  • Auto low oil shut down feature.
  • Limited 1 year warranty coverage.

The Conclusion:

Usually, you won’t find a power generator in the sub $400 category capable of providing 4400 peak wattage. The DuroStar DS4000S however trumps this convention by giving 2 120 Volt 20 Amp outlets and a single 120 Volt 30 Amp outlet for power tools. Its great to have around in the home as a backup generator or carry in your RV for long trips and camping nights.

Running watts 3,300
Starting watts 4,000
Engine horsepower 7.0 hp air-cooled OHV
Starting method Manual
Low oil shutdown YES
Fuel tank size (gallons) 4
Run time at 50% Load 8 Hours
Outlets (2) 120V, 20-amp, 3-prong;
(1) 120-volt, 30-amp twist-lock
Handle style Optional
Wheel type Optional
Warranty 1 Year

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  1. SWPoint says:

    I have one of these units and it runs very well. However, it will not run my Schauer Golf cart battery charger. The unit will power an A/C wall unit, lights, power tools, etc. Howver, when I plug my Schauer chargers in the Chargers turn on but do not charge>

    Is there a fix for this?


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