Duromax Generators

DuroMax generators are manufactured by DuroPower, a California based engine and power tools maker. Unlike other brands they actually make their own engines. With over 20 different models, 2 unique designs for single, triple and four cylinder engines this brand name is synonymous with reliability and affordability.

Distinguishing Features Of DuroMax Portable Generators

  • Every DuroMax generator is built with cast iron sleeves.
  • Every single model matches ETL & MTL standards.
  • Flexible warranty plan that is built into the cost of the product and can be extended beyond their normal one or two year period.
  • Direct parts and component shipping anywhere in the world.
  • EPA Certification and CARB only certificate on a few select models.

Top DuroMax Generators

DuroStar DS4000S

DuroStar DS4000SAverage Customer Rating: 5-starsbest review
Surprisingly capable and powerful considering its size, output and price, the DuroStar DS4000S is an impressive backup generator to have around. Good clean power output, lack of noise and excellent reliability make this generator a no-brainer purchase. Just not packed with meters and gauges and lacks a few ergonomic features but then again it is cheap.

ProsPros: Low noise, small, dependable, cheap and good power output.DuroStar DS4000S review
ConsCons: No watt or amp meter, needs regular oil change, lacks a few nuts and bolts.

DuroMax Elite MX4500E

DuroMax Elite MX4500EAverage Customer Rating: 4-stars2nd best review
As a mid-range portable generator, the DuroMax Elite MX4500E offers a lot in return for a meager investment. It isn’t the biggest or the most dependable but it is definitely worth the investment if you are in the market for something that will mostly remain idle only to come to the rescue in emergency situations. This is a good backup generator and also a decent worksite power source.

ProsPros: Affordable, decent construction and reduced noise. DuroMax Elite MX4500E review
ConsCons: Customer service is at times questionable, non-CARB compliant.

DuroMax XP4400E

DuroMax XP4400EAverage Customer Rating: 4-stars3rd best review
Compact and easy to assemble, the DuroMax XP4400E is a perfect standby generator for emergency situations. With just 3500 Watt, it won’t power all your home appliances or power tools but will provide ample power for a select few items at times when you need it the most. Low noise levels, easy portability and decent performance makes this one of the most affordable and dependable DuroMax portable generators.

ProsPros: Decent efficiency, 2X20Amp, 1X30Amp socket, low oil DuroMax XP4400E review
and heavy usage auto shut-off, low noise levels.
ConsCons: Only 3500 Watt power, Can hold 4 gallons of fuel, needs choke to start.

DuroMax XP10000E

DuroMax XP10000EAverage Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
A rugged workhorse, the DuroMax XP10000E is a perfect companion for construction sites and large condos. This isn’t your average sized portable generator, in fact it is huge and bulky. Low oil shut-off, other protective features with a 16HP engine that generates 8000 running wattage and 10,000 peak wattage with plenty of outlets should suffice even for the most power hungry folks.

ProsPros: Electric start feature, 16HP OHV engine, 10,000 peak wattage, DuroMax XP10000E review
starts with first pull all the time, well built and sturdy.
ConsCons:Large and bulky, heavy frame, often comes with a dead battery.

Why Buy DuroMax Generator?

For starters, this brand name is synonymous with dependability. Every 4 out of 5 reviews has pinned down DuroMax as a reliable and long lasting brand. Their generators never fail from the technical side. Failures are usually linked with improper maintenance, disregard for usage instructions or simply neglect from the user. In short, DuroMax has a good shelf life with a decent return on investment.

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